In the near future, we will increasingly work through online collaborations. Timelines will be shared with each other over the Internet. This promises tremendous growth for the future of post-production. Whereas you used to miss out on jobs as a freelancer because they went to a large post-production company, online collaborations may be changing this. How does this new way of collaborating affect existing workflows and how is this technically structured? For this event we invite a documentary editor, who will be working live at “De Uitkijk”, in collaboration with two international post-production freelancers at other locations around the world. We will discuss these topics in more depth and after the event, there will be an opportunity to talk further over drinks.

* This event will be spoken in English


Date: November 14
Location: De Uitkijk
Time: 20:00 – 22:00 + Drinks

Tickets: Free for NBF members & IDFA festival pass holders (please register online)