Selectie Cinekid Script LAB 2021-2022 bekend

Cinekid Script LAB welcomes 13 new projects from 16 writers for the eighth edition of its project-driven initiative for the development of scripts for children’s films and series.

For the first time, Cinekid Script LAB is open to children’s series as well as films. Series as a medium has been important for children for years and keep gaining interest with young audiences. As Cinekid has been focussing on series in the festival programme and the Junior Co-production Market for years, we feel it is an important and logical step to also support writers of children’s series in our Script LAB. Two series will be developed this year: My Bonkers Mum! from Iceland and Hansperi the Hamster from Finland.

Further to it, the selection consists of 11 film projects, and includes eight live-action projects, three animations, one documentary and one animation/live-action hybrid project.

The hands-on workshop will enable participants to hone and sharpen their projects and elevate them to the next stage. The LAB kicks off at Cinekid for Professionals in Amsterdam in October 2021 and runs through to Berlinale 2022.

The festival is delighted to welcome highly promising new talents, as well as some Cinekid regulars to the LAB. Frederike Migom will participate with her new feature film Nowadays Everyone is Called Sorry. She participated in Cinekid Script LAB 2016-2017 with BINTI, which went on to win Best Children’s Film at Cinekid 2019. Līga Gaisa, writer of Jacob, Mimmi and the Talking Dogs (Cinekid 2019), will work on her new film Secrets of the Great Bog. Also returning to Cinekid Script LAB is Saar Ponsioen, who will develop her new hybrid film Dreamscape.

Head of Cinekid for Professionals Nienke Poelsma comments: “We are very proud to work with this group of talents who are motivated to create strong stories for children. It is great to see participants whose projects were developed to great effect in the past coming back to the LAB with their new works, and it is exciting to widen our remit this year by including series, which will broaden both the appeal and the impact of the LAB even more.”

About Cinekid Script LAB
During Cinekid Script LAB, participants work with internationally acclaimed advisors who push them to their creative limits. The coaching offered to each filmmaker is tailor-made and addresses the needs of both the writer and the story across the LAB’s twin-phased trajectory. Teambuilding and the interpersonal exchange of ideas and experiences within a safe and nurturing LAB environment are the foundation stones of Cinekid Script LAB.

Cinekid Script LAB is funded by the Creative Europe MEDIA programme, and is organised with the support of the Netherlands Film Fund, Finnish Film Foundation, Flanders Audiovisual Fund, Icelandic Film Centre, Norwegian Film Institute, Polish Film Institute and Swedish Film Institute.

More information on the coaching team can be found on our website.

Full list of participating projects and writers:

A Hairy Situation (film / animation)
Participating writer: Katarina Lundquist
Country of production: Ireland

Diego, the singer (film / live-action)
Participating writers: Johnnier Aristizábal and Giselle Geney
Production country: Colombia

Dr Butterfly’s Kids (film / live-action)
Participating writer: Wojciech Mikołuszko
Country of production: Poland
Nominated by: Polish Film Institute

Dreamscape (film / hybrid animation & live-action)
Participating writer: Saar Ponsioen 
Country of production: The Netherlands

Hansperi the Hamster (series / animation)
Participating writers: Mariko Härkönen & Outi Rousu
Country of production: Finland
Nominated by: Finnish Film Foundation

Just Nick (film / live-action)
Participating writer: Jeanine Cronie 
Country of production: The Netherlands
Nominated by: Netherlands Film Fund

My Bonkers Mum! (series / live-action)
Participating writers: Gunnar Helgason & Björk Jakobsdóttir
Country of production: Iceland
Nominated by: Icelandic Film Centre

Nowadays everyone is called Sorry (film / live-action)
Participating writer: Frederike Migom
Country of production: Belgium

The Pearl Fisher (film / live-action)
Participating writer: Tuuli Hostikka
Country of production: Finland

Secrets of the Great Bog (film / live-action)
Participating writer: Līga Gaisa
Country of production: Latvia

Valentino (film / animation)
Participating writer: Samir Arabzadeh 
Countries of production: Sweden, Philippines
Nominated by the Swedish Film Institute

With Grace (film / documentary)
Participating writer: Julia Dahr
Countries of production: Norway, Kenya, United Kingdom
Nominated by: Norwegian Film Institute

Young Hearts (film / live-action)
Participating writer: Anthony Schatteman
Countries of production: Belgium, The Netherlands
Nominated by: Flanders Audiovisual Fund