Private Kitchen #2 “Music & Identity”

 On Februay 28th, 2021, the second edition of Private Kitchen went live. Private Kitchen is the magazine that gives a glimpse behind the scenes of media music and its composers and performers. The online magazine is produced and edited by Muziekinstituut MultiMedia (MiMM) in collaboration with film festival ShortCutz Amsterdam. 

 This second edition is centered around Music and Identity. It includes a talk show with Stephen Emmer about his music, sound branding and collaboration with artists like Lou Reed, Chaka Khan, Patti Austin and producers like Tony Visconti and Trevor Horn. Stephen is accompanied during the show by art director Carlo Delbosq with whom he has been working for years. In 2020, Stephen Emmer received the “Buma Oeuvre Award MultiMedia” 

 You will also find a video interview with composers/performers/sound designers Jeroen Kuitenbrouwer, Ward Henselmans and Daan Jansen of KH Music. And there is a video interview with David Lowe about his work for the BBC, CCTV China and other broadcasters, who joined us from his studio. There are columns by Germany’s best known sound brander John Groves, and a column by the renowned English composer Chris Smith. 

 The new edition “Music & Identity” can be found on