Selectie Cinekid for Professionals bekend

Cinekid for Professionals has selected 20 children’s film and television projects-in-development from 19 countries around the world for its Junior Co-production Market (JCM), to be held online 22-23 October 2020 during the Cinekid Festival. The projects will be presented to international professionals from the children’s media industry to encourage international co-operation in getting these promising projects into production. The selection includes both live-action and animation projects by renowned and quickly emerging children’s media companies from across the world, such as Copenhagen Bombay Production ApS (DK), De Mensen (BE), Les Valseurs (FR), Malabar Producciones S.R.L. (AR), Rinkel Film (NL), Trident Film (UA), Baltic Pine Films (LV), Lucan Studio (ZA) and Señal Colombia (CO).

The Junior Co-production Market enables global financiers, broadcasters and producers to assess these new and innovative film and television projects, all underlining the high degree of interactivity and potential for finance across these sectors. All the projects will be presented in an online environment designed to encourage international co-operation between project representatives and potential collaborators and financiers. Join us for Cinekid for Professionals Online from 19 – 23 October 2020, and register here.

Previous market successes
The success of previous editions of the JCM are clearly visible in this year’s festival programme. Cinekid Festival opens with the animated film Calamity, A Childhood of Martha Jane Cannary by Rémi Chayé, produced by Maybe Movies (FR) and Nørlum (DK), which is selected for the Best Children’s Film Competition. The project was presented at the Junior Co-production Market in 2017.

From the 2015 JCM harvest two films will compete for the Best Children’s Film prize: the Israeli film Sky Raiders, produced by United Channel Movies (IL), and Summer Rebels (JCM 2016) directed by Martina Sakova, produced by Projector23 (DE).

Two pre-school series are selected for the official programme 2020: Hungry Bear Tales by Kateřina Karhánková and Alexandra Májová, produced by Bionaut (CZ), and Musifants by Meike Fehre and produced by Ahoifilm (DE). These projects participated at JCM in 2016 and 2017 respectively.

Next to these films we have three previous JCM projects all participating in the Best Dutch Series competition. These are Heirs of the Night by Diederik van Rooijen, produced by Lemming Film (JCM 2013); Dropje by Lilian Sijbesma, Meikeminne Clinckspoor and Maarten van Voornveld, produced by Submarine Film (JCM 2016), and Remy en Juliyat by Tessa Schram, produced by NL Film & TV (JCM 2017).

Previous Script LAB participants
This year’s JCM selection includes one project developed during Cinekid’s Script LAB programme 2019-2020. Production company Rinkel Film from The Netherlands is selected with their project Rood, written by Job Tichelman and Camiel Schouwenaar, who is also the director.

At JCM two prizes will be handed out. The prestigious Eurimages Co-Production Development Award (€20.000 in cash) will be given to the best eligible film project with European co-production potential. The Filmmore Post-Production Award will be awarded to the best live-action project of the Junior Co-Production Market. This prize is designed to stimulate collaboration with the Dutch Visual Effects & Post Production lab Filmmore. The award, which comes with a €5.000 prize, forms an invitation to start a longer and fruitful collaboration with the company. All winners will be announced on Thursday 22 October.


>Film Projects

Dragons Exist
Written and directed by Suzanne Raes
Produced by Docmakers (NL): Ilja Roomans
Production countries: The Netherlands, Germany
Co-production company: Lichtblick Film (DE)

I am Helena
Written and directed by Karla von Bengtson
Produced by Copenhagen Bombay (DK): Lorene Lescanne, Mette Valbjørn Skøtt, Sarita Christensen
Production country: Denmark

Nayaraq, Sara’s Journey
Written by Yanina Romanin, Juan Rodríguez-Briso
Directed by Juan Rodríguez-Briso
Produced by Omnicorp Estudio (AR): Juan Martín Staffa
Production country: Argentina

Written by Job Tichelman, Camiel Schouwenaar
Directed by Camiel Schouwenaar
Produced by Rinkel Film (NL): Reinier Selen
Production country: The Netherlands

The Animals’ Christmas
Written and directed by Camille Alméras, Caroline Attia, Ceylan Beyoglu, Oleysha Shchukina, Haruna Kishi, Natalia Chernysheva
Produced by Les Valseurs (FR): Damien Megherbi
Production country: France

The Troublemakers
Written by Nildo Essá, Halima Essá
Directed by Nildo Essá
Produced by FX Animation Studios (MZ)
Production countries: Mozambique, Portugal, France
Co-production company: Sardinha em Lata (PT), Mounia Aram Company (FR)

The Whisper of the Sea
Written by Marcela Rincón, Jorge Estrada
Directed by Marcela Rincón 
Produced by Fosfenos Media (CO)
Production country: Colombia

Tiger Martindale’s Survival Experts
Written by Ross Knight
Directed by Pavel Gumennikov
Produced by Baltic Pine Films (LV): Sergei Serpuhov
Production country: Latvia 

Trembling Giant
Written and directed by Jacek Piotr Bławut
Produced by Aura Films (PL): Anna Blawut Mazurkiewicz, Bartek Glinski
Production countries: Poland, Belgium
Co-production company and co-producer: Bulletproof Cupid (BE) – Katleen Goossens

>TV Projects

Written by Sophie Jans, Edith Huybreghts, Dirk Nielandt
Directed by Sander Brants
Produced by De Mensen (BE)
Production country: Belgium
Co-production company: Gardner and Domm (BE)

Beastly Crimes
Written by Anna Starobinets
Directed by Yulia Ruditskaya
Produced by Metrafilms Studio (RU): Artem Vasilyev, Anna Pokorska, Karina Kabanova
Production countries: Russia, Canada
Co-production company and co-producer: Lakeside Animation Studios (CA) – Iouri Stepanov

Darling ZhuZha
Written by Anastasiia Lavrenishyna
Directed by Anatoliy Lavrenishyn
Produced by Trident Film (UA): Kateryna Kopylova, Sashko Chubko
Production country: Ukraine

Written and directed by Klára Jůzová
Produced by Krutart (CZ): Martin Jůza
Production countries: Czech Republic, Serbia, Romania
Co-production company and co-producer: To Blink Animation (CS) – Andrijana Sofranić Šućur, Domestic Film (RO) – Irena Isbășescu

Directed by Andrew Mcnally
Produced by Lucan Studio (ZA)
Production country: South Africa

Louise Lives Large
Written by Carol Walsh
Directed by Ruth Treacy
Produced by Tailored Films (IE): Ruth Treacy, Julianne Forde, Eithne Fitzsimons
Production country: Ireland

Lyla and Max’s Garden
Written by An Vrombaut, Trish Cooke, Davey Moore, Nicole Davis
Directed by Zane Whittingham
Produced by Fettle Animation (UK): Kath Shackleton
Production country: United Kingdom

Written by Bert Lesaffer, An Vrombaut
Directed by An Vrombaut
Produced by Animal Tank (BE): Brecht Van Elslande
Production country: Belgium

Pirate in the Bathroom
Written and directed by Lars Henning Jung
Produced by Randale Film (DE): Dennis Siebold
Production country: Germany

Stories with Effects
Written by Dafna Vellejo, Aseneth Suarez Ruiz, Max Milfort Blandon, Demetrio Vallejo
Directed by Dafna Vellejo Manzano
Produced by Lapost Studios (CO): Aseneth Suarez Ruiz
Production country: Colombia
Co-production company: Señal Colombia (CO)

The Motorhomes
Written by Mariano Rojo
Directed by Deigo Lucero, Nicolás Couvin
Produced by Malabar Producciones S.R.L. (AR): Nicolas Couvin
Production country: Argentina
Co-production company and co-producer: Pakapaka channel (Contenidos Publicos S.E.) (AR)

About Cinekid
Cinekid Festival is the largest children’s film and media festival in the world debuting its online platform in 2020. Besides the digital platform, children can watch new, unusual and striking films and television productions, meet the creators and do workshops, games, discover new media and much more. Cinekid Festival takes place from the 7th to 23th of October throughout the country. The programme will be published on the 23rd of September. From there on you can order your tickets at