Shortcutz Summer Camps

Shortcutz is proud to announce the launch of a new summer project: Shortcutz Summer CampsShortcutz Summer Camps is an online space to get together for some cool challenges, sparking excitement for film-related creativity! Participants may choose from two different camps on August 3-16 and August 16-30. Shortcutz Summer Camps are organised in partnership with The Student Hotel. 
? These camps are hosted by inspiring film professionals. Shortcutz Summer Camp #1 will be hosted by producer Mark Foligno (The King’s Speech, Moon) and screenwriters Winchester McFly (Netflix’ Ares, The Resistance Banker). 
? The hosts will present a writing challenge, and participants have 11-days to complete a one-page submission.
? Halfway through camp, participants could join and bounce ideas with fellow campers. There will also be a 30-minute session with a creative guest, from another art field, to provide some fresh creative input. To inspire the participants in our #1 camp, we are thrilled to welcome Mixed Media Artist Hanoch Piven.
? 11 days after receiving the challenge, participants submit their one-page work.
? At the end of Camp, a feedback session will be held where the hosts select and reflect on their favourite works.                                                       
Sound exciting? The deadline for Shortcutz Summer Camp #1 is on August 1st. There’s a limited capacity so act soon.
You can find out more and enroll at: