Raport: Territoriality and the financing of film and TV production in Europe!

Nieuw rapport van het European Audiovisual Observatory

How does European media law deal with the concept of territoriality, whereby film and TV content is licensed on a country-by-country basis? Our latest report looks at recent developments in European copyright law and film financing models.

Over the last five years, media regulation and copyright law in Europe have been adapted to meet the new challenges posed by the Digital Single Market strategy, with a potential impact on the “country of origin” (COO) principle (which places content under the jurisdiction of the country where the audiovisual media service provider is established) and the principle of territoriality of copyright. The latest development in this field was the adoption of the Directive on copyright and related rights applicable to certain online transmissions in March of last year, which saw the principle of territoriality preserved after intensive discussion with stakeholders in the audiovisual industry. Our latest report drills down into the latest developments…

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