Onderzoek: Financiering van fictiefilms in Europa

The European Audiovisual Observatory has up-dated their report the financing of theatrical fiction films in Europe. Based on the actual budget analysis of 576 European live-action fiction films released in 2017, this is probably the largest pan-European data sample available to date on the financing of European fiction films.

Here are a few key findings:

? The median average budget of a European theatrical fiction film released in 2017 amounted to EUR 2.01 million.

? The two largest financing sources were clearly direct public funding and broadcaster investments, representing 26% and 24% of total financing respectively.

? The percentage share of direct public funding in film financing decreases with increasing market size and budget volume. Get our latest market intelligence on European financing for theatrical fiction films here….

Lees het volledige rapport hier: Fiction film financing in Europe: A sample analysis of films released in 2017