Eye on Art – Februari 2020

A programme on the intersection between film and other arts.

On Francis Alÿs | 4 Feb 19.15
Francis Alÿs has been filming children’s games all over the world since 1999. What makes his work so special? A conversation between art historian Sacha Bronwasser Jaap Guldemond, curator of the exhibition. With screenings of several shorts by Alÿs.

Los Olvidados | 4 Feb 21.00 & 7 Feb 16.45
Eye screens the favourite films of Francis Alÿs, whose exhibition Children’s Games is currently on view in the museum. One of these films is Los Olvidados, a social drama about a gang of children in a Mexico City slum. Directed by Luis Buñuel; this was his first worldwide success.

Performance vs Registration | 18 Feb 19.15
What is the relation between performing and documenting art? The artists Carlos Amorales and Gabriel Lester will talk about performance and registration in their own work and that of other artists. They connect the topic to the practice Francis Alÿs, whose work is now exhibited Eye. This special evening is a collaboration with Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.

Where is the friend’s house? | 18 Feb 21.00 & 21 Feb 16.45
Kiarostami’s heart-warming tale of a little boy who wants to return a school book. This simple story provides the basis for a fascinating film shot with non-professional actors in a deserted landscape, once again proving Kiarostami’s mastery of the medium. 

Researchlabs | 29 Feb 10.00
A new generation of curators and artists hone their skills. Students from different art academies and universities are asked to put together a programme featuring their own work and films from Eye’s collection. Research Labs do not follow a strict format and often result in a cultural crossover between film and other art forms.