Eye on art – december

A programme on the intersection between film and other arts.

Artist in Residence – 3 Dec 19.15
Artist Aimée Zito Lema presents her new work ‘214322’, which she realized during her residency at the Eye Collection Centre in 2019. The work investigates the borders of the archive, such as unidentified materials, the gaps in cataloguing and accessibility, looking for the ‘forgotten’ and ‘neglected’.
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Night has come – 10 Dec 19.15
Screening of the found footage film Night has come (2019) by director Peter Van Goethem, who is fascinated by the intersection of factual and fantasized history; a blur of amateur videos and archived recordings of historical events in Brussels.  
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Opening exhibition – 18 Dec 20.30
Eye presents a major exhibition of work by the artist Francis Alÿs, known for his playful videos that are both engaged and poetic. A remarkable chapter in his extensive body of work is the impressive series Children’s Games, demonstrating the cultural significancy of child’s play.
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Opening Alice22 Dec 19.15
Eye transforms into Wonderland tonight: the new film programme includes both early as well as recent Alice adaptations, together with work by directors who were inspired by the idea of displacement, time paradoxes and encounters with fantastic creatures.
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