Zeven Nederlandse (co)producties geselecteerd voor Cinekid’s Junior Co-production Market 2019

In totaal zijn 25 Young Audiences projecten geselecteerd voor Cinekid’s Junior Co-production Market 2019. Daarvan zijn 7 titels Nederlandse (co)producties.

Cinekid for Professionals has selected 19 children’s film and television projects-in-development and 6 works-in-progress for its Junior Co-production Market (JCM), to be held 21-23 October 2019 during the Cinekid Festival in Amsterdam. The projects will be presented to more than 300 international professionals from the children’s media industry to encourage international co-operation and to get these projects into production. The selection includes both live-action and animation projects by renowned children’s media companies, such as 10th Ave Production (CA), LUNANIME (BE), nutprodukce (CZ), PinGuim Content (BR), Snowcloud (SE), Submarine (NL) and Volya Films (NL).

The success of previous editions of the JCM are clearly visible in this year’s festival programme. BINTI, directed by Frederike Migom and produced by Bulletproof Cupid (BE), which participated in both Script LAB and JCM 2016, is selected for the Best Children’s Film Competition 2019. Two other projects from the JCM 2016 harvest will compete for the Best Children’s Film prize: the Latvian Jakob, Mimmi and the Talking Dogs, produced by Atom Art (LE), and Too Far Away (JCM 2017) directed by Sarah Winkenstette, produced by Weydemann bros. (DE). Dutch production company BosBros (NL) returns with Romy’s Salon, directed by Mischa Kamp (JCM 2015) in Best Dutch Family Film Competition.

Previous Script LAB participants
This year’s JCM selection consists of several projects developed during Cinekid’s Script LAB programme 2018-2019. Among them are the following. It’s Alive Films from Finland will represent Snot and Splash,written by Ilja Rautsi and directed by Teemu Nikki while New Stories Ab (SE) will pitch their project Winning by Andrés Hazelius. The Beanie from Slovenia,written by Sasa Erzen, directed by Slobodan Maksimovic and produced by Senca Studio (SI), and the documentary project Kids Cup directed Line Hatlandand and produced by Medieoperatørene (NO), were also participants of Script LAB 2018-19.

In 2019 Cinekid introduced a new Work-in-progress section to provide long-term support for projects in development. Six projects in production are selected for this session, where the production team will have the opportunity to present their work in a closed setting for potential partners. From the six projects, three have previously been selected for the Junior Co-production Market. Dutch company Submarine (NL) will present developments on Coppelia (JCM 2016), directed by Jeff Tudor, Steven de Beul and Ben Tesseur as will directors Frank Mosvold and Atle Blakseth and the Kool Produktion AS team (NO) on Ella Bella Bingo (JCM 2014). Doghouse Films from Luxembourg will be bringing Ready, Steady…Draw! (JCM 2016), its co-creation for and with children, to this year’s market.

About the market
The Junior Co-production Market (JCM) is part of Cinekid for Professionals (CfP), the industry component of Cinekid, the largest children’s media festival in the world. The Junior Co-Production Market is an integrated two-day event that enables global financiers, broadcasters and producers to assess new and innovative film and television projects. The JCM reflects the high degree of interactivity and potential for finance across these sectors. All the projects will be presented in an environment designed to encourage international co-operation. The market kicks off with a public pitch of all the projects followed by a day and a half of one-to-one meetings between project representatives and potential collaborators and financiers.

At JCM three prizes will be handed out. The prestigious Eurimages Co-Production Development Award (€20,000 in cash) will be given to the best eligible film project with European co-production potential. A new addition is the Best TV Project Award (€10,000 in cash) for the Best TV project within the JCM selection.
Another newly installed award is the Filmmore Post-Production Award which will be awarded to the best live-action project of the Junior Co-production Market. This prize is designed to stimulate collaboration with the Dutch Visual Effects & Post Production lab Filmmore. Granting the award, which comes with a €5,000 prize, is an invitation to start a longer and fruitful collaboration with the company.
All winners will be announced on Wednesday 23 October 2019.


>Film Projects

Beluga Blues
Artistic director Philippe Arseneau Bussières
Screenwriter: Andrée Lambert
Production Company: 10th Ave Productions (CA)
Production Country: Canada

Jump Out
Written and directed by Nika Saravanja
Production Company: Playtime Films (BE), Tico Film (IT)
Production Countries: Belgium, Italy

Kids Cup
Written and directed by Line Hatland
Production Company: Medieoperatorene (NO)
Production Countries: Norway, Netherlands, Finland

Lea and the Tree of Dreams
Directed by Katja Benrath
Screenwriter: Vasko Scholz
Production Company: Belle Epoque Films GmbH (DE)
Production Country: Germany

Mini-Zlatan and Uncle Darling
Directed by Ella Lemhagen
Screenwriter: Ella Lemhagen, Janne Vierth
Production Company: Snowcloud Films AB (SE)
Production Countries: Sweden, The Netherlands

Directed by Celia Catunda
Screenwriter: Rita Catunda
Production Company: PinGuim Content (BR)
Production Country: Brazil

Snot and Splash
Directed by Teemu Nikki
Screenwriter: Ilja Rautsi
Production Company: It’s Alive Films (FI)
Production Countries: Finland

The Summer Dad Went Gay
Directed by Petter Naess
Screenwriter: Endre Lund Eriksen
Production Company: Fabelfjord AS (NO)
Production Country: Norway

The Beanie
Directed by Slobodan Maksimović
Screenwriter: Saša Eržen
Production Company: Senca Studio (SI)
Production Countries: Slovenia

The Only Child
Directed by Patrick Carr
Production Company: Mandarin Film Productions (CN), Lunanime Belgium (BE)
Production Country: China, Belgium

Three Friends
Written and directed by Nursen Cetin Koreken
Production Company: Drama Yapim Film Medya (TR)
Production Country: Turkey

Directed by Sander Burger
Screenwriter: Bastiaan Tichler, Sander Burger
Production Company: Volya Films (NL)
Production Country: The Netherlands

Directed by Anders Hazelius
Screenwriter: Jessika Jankert
Production Company: New Stories AB (SE)
Production Country: Sweden

>TV Projects

Art Mysteries
Directed by Martijn Blekendaal
Production Company: Cerutti Film (NL)
Production Countries: The Netherlands, Germany

Tumbuna Stories – Folk Tales from Papua New Guinea
Written & directed by Katherine Reki, Ursula Ulmi
Production Company: Ulmi Film (CH), Studio Epictus (PG)
Production Countries: Papua New Guinea, Switzerland

Mrs. Robot
Written & directed by Ruth Mellaerts, Boris Kuijpers
Production Company: Hamlet (BE)
Production Country: Belgium

Ormhildur the Brave
Written & directed by Thorey Mjallhvit
Production Company: Compass Films (IS)
Production Country: Iceland

Directed by Filip Pošivač, Barbora Valecká
Screenwriter: Hynek Trojánek
Production Company: nutprodukce (CZ)
Production Countries: Czech Republic, Slovakia

Pol the Pirate Mouse
Development executive Phil Molloy
Screenwriter: Tingue Dongelmans
Production Company: Submarine (NL)
Production Country: The Netherlands


Directed by Jeff Tudor, Steven De Beul, Ben Tesseur
Screenwriters: Tamara Bos, Jeff Tudor, Steven de Beul, Ben Tesseur
Production Company: Submarine (NL)
Production Countries: The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium

Ella Bella Bingo
Directed by Frank Mosvold, Atle Blakseth
Screenwriters: Frank Mosvold, Johnny Smith, Rob Sprackling
Production Company: Kool Produktion AS (NO)
Production Countries: Norway, Denmark, Germany

Mister Paper
Directed by Ben Tesseur, Steven De Beul
Screenwriter: Mieke de Jong
Production Company: Mockingbird Productions (BE)
Production Country: Belgium, Germany, Netherlands

Ready, Steady….Draw!
Directed by Jacopo Armani
Screenwriters: Fred Neuen, Jacopo Armani
Production Company: Doghouse Films (LU)
Production Country: Luxembourg

Royals Next Door
Directed by Veronica Lassenius
Screenwriter: Line Langebek, Tinka Ullbro, Annike Sandelin
Production Companies: Pikkukala (FI)
Production Countries: Finland, Belgium, Spain

Sir Mouse
Directed by Tom van Gestel
Screenwriter: Dirk Nielandt, Marianne Op de Beeck, Luuk Van Bemmelen, Clifford Parrot, Emma Hogan, Kristina Yee
Production Company: Fabrique Fantastique (BE)
Production Countries: Belgium, Germany, Ireland

Bron: Cinekid