Programma Eye on Art april 2019

Lees hieronder het programma van Eye on Art in april:

An Evening with Omer Fast|
5 April 19:15
Marcella Lista, curator at the Centre Pompidou, Paris, talks with Israeli artist Omer Fast about his work. How is the history of conflict areas mediated and constructed? Fast acquired a name with his politically charged films that pit reality against fiction. Some of Fast’s films are screened in the exhibition A Tale of Hidden Histories.

Meiro Koizumi – Shorts
9 April 19:15
Curator Xander Karskens, director of De Ateliers, reflects on Meiro Koizumi’s work. How is the history of conflict areas mediated and constructed? Karskens explores a number of Koizumi's confrontational video works and performances that brought the Japanese artist fame. Some of the short films by Koizumi will be screened this evening, while a number of his films are also featured in the exhibition A Tale of Hidden Histories.

La casa lobo (with Q&A with Cristóbal León)
16 April 21:15
The Wolf House is an unsettling, overwhelming stop-motion film about the mental delirium of a girl, reminiscent of the short films by David Lynch and Jan Švankmajer. Screened in Shell Shock, our programme on coping with traumas.

An Evening with Broomberg & Chanarin
23 April 19:15
Eye programmer Anna Abrahams talks with Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin about their sources of inspiration. Work by the two artists is featured in A Tale of Hidden Histories, Eye's exhibition on how the history of conflict areas is mediated and constructed. Followed by the screening of Mike Nichols’ Catch-22, the film adaptation of Joseph Heller’s recollections of WWII.

Cinema Stadsleven: Shell Shock
30 April 19:15
Tracy Metz, who hosts the Stadsleven talk show at Pakhuis de Zwijger, presents Cinema Stadsleven at Eye twice a year. On 30 April she will focus on Shell Shock in the arts. With special guests from various artistic disciplines: painter Ronald Ophuis, photographer Issa Touma, poet Baban Kirkuki, and film clips from Eye’s collection. The show is followed by the presentation of Notes from Aleppo and short films by Issa Touma.

This is Film! Film Heritage in Practice
3, 10, 24 April 15:30
Eye and the University of Amsterdam present This is Film! Film Heritage in Practice, a series of six public lectures devoted to remarkable projects in the fields of film restoration and film heritage, varying from silent cinema compilation programmes to the restoration and presentation of 70mm Hollywood classics.

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