Eye on Art in december

Among other topics, this month’s programme investigates the value of human life, driven and captured by nature’s rules. Artist in residence Alexandra Navratil explores a fascination for Elemental Cinema in her installation artwork Under Saturn, and the artist’s collective Flatform emphasizes the uniqueness of earth’s landscapes in their installations.

Paris 1900: Eye Artist and Scholar-in-Residence
December 16:00
Christian Gosvig Olesen (UvA researcher) presents his research on Paris 1900, a compilation film about the history of La Belle Époque and French cinema. His presentation and this screening is part of the Eye Artist and Scholar-in-Residence programme.

Under Saturn: Eye Artist and Scholar-in-Residence
December 19:15
Artist Alexandra Navratil presents an evening around the concept of Elemental Cinema together with invited guests Margarida Mendes and Alena Alexandrova. You will see images of fossils, microorganisms, earth gases and liquids in movement. Matter itself becomes the main character. This evening focuses on the research Navratil conducted as Eye Artist-in-Residence.

From Alice to Insect – A short survey of Jan Švankmajer’s feature films and specials
16 December 19:15 A special evening dedicated to the obscure yet humorous work of our upcoming exhibitor Jan Švankmajer.

Flatform – The Otherwise and the Elsewhere of Reality
18 December 19:30
FLATFORM is a group of artists from Milan and Berlin. The collective was founded in 2006 and makes installations and films in which landscapes play an important role. A special evening with the world premiere of their new work Eleven Trails, in the presence of the makers.

Opening: Exhibition Jan Švankmajer by EXPOSED
14 December 20:30
Eye Filmmuseum presents an exhibition devoted to the work of Czech surrealist and master animator Jan Švankmajer. This is the first major retrospective of his strange, dark films and sculptures in the Netherlands. EXPOSED is organizing a festive interdisciplinary event during the opening from 8:30 PM to 1 AM.

Day of the Short Film
21 December 21:15
The Day of the Short Film, a survey of the finest homegrown films, is celebrated on 21 December, the shortest day of the year. This European initiative to boost interest in the short film has already become something of an institution. The seventh edition once again features a wide variety of stories. We find ourselves in 19th-century colonial Africa, help boat refugees on Lesbos, witness two BFFs struggle with coming of age.

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