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Lees hieronder het programma van EYE on art in november:

The human hand vs the robot’s mechanism: which one influences our life on earth the most?
In November, Eye asks this question multiple times to receive multiple answers, each one different than the one before. Marina Abramović criticizes the impact of global warming in her new VR-experience Rising whilst Joost Rekveld learns from his dialogue with machines and Lisette Ros retrieves the language of her human body.

Minority Report with live-performance Intervening Space: My Self, the Body by Lisette Ros”
2 November 20:00
Three paranormally gifted persons have the ability to foresee crimes in this sober and philosophical SF film. Then suddenly the team’s leader (Tom Cruise) appears in one of these visions. Spielberg replaced the positive emotions of Artificial Intelligence: A.I. with feelings of acute paranoia in this futuristic film noir.

Colin Benders vs Fragment of an Empire
4 November 16:00
Live synthesizer performance by Colin Benders to accompany the premiere of the sparkling restoration of Oblomok imperii (Fragment of an Empire). The classic that was dedicated to people who redisover themselves and their own lives can now finally be viewed in its full version.

Bride of Frankenstein with presentation (in Dutch) by Floris Kaayk on his project The Modular Body
4 November 19:30
It is possibly the greatest hybris motif in horror and science fiction: creating life from dead matter. Baron Henry Frankenstein teams up with archetypal mad scientist Dr. Pretorius in this sequel to Frankenstein. Their goal: to fabricate a bride for the Monster in the laboratory and make a mockery of man’s mortality as the electric currents are spinning around the laboratory.

Alphaville, une étrange aventure de Lemmy Caution with lecture by Hans Schnitzler (Dutch)
5 November 19:15
In the future, the people of Alphaville are controlled by the master computer brain Alpha 60. The creator of Alpha 60, Professor von Braun, plans to reduce mankind to a docile workforce, but secret agent Lemmy Caution (Eddie Constantine) arrives to put things right. Godard’s pastiche of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis is regarded as a unique dystopian mix of SF, film noir, spy story and cultural criticism.

Sonic Acts
6 November 19:15
Sonic Acts, festival for contemporary and historical developments at the intersection of art, technology, music and science, looks at its shared history with Ikeda, and looks ahead to its festival in the spring of 2019. The evening’s programme will be conducted in English.

Dialogues with Machines – Joost Rekveld
13 November 19:15
Artist Joost Rekveld investigates what man can learn from a dialogue with machines and technology. The evening’s programme will be conducted in English.
In this programme, Rekveld illustrates his findings using classics of avant-garde and contemporary work.

Xtended: Rising
From 15 till 30 November
Rising by Marina Abramović, produced in collaboration with Acute Art, confronts viewers with the climate crisis engulfing us offline. Abramović’s avatar beckons you from within a glass tank, slowly filling with water from the waist to her neck. When you make contact, you can either make the water level rise or decrease by making commitments. Fourth edition of EYE’s virtual reality programme Xtended.

Ryoji Ikeda – datamatics [ver.2.0]
23 November 20:30 + 22:15
Live audiovisual concert by Ryoji Ikeda about the ways in which data shapes our understanding of the world. The hypnotic work meanders between nature, science and philosophy, and crosses the boundary between the real and the virtual. In collaboration with Amsterdam Art and IDFA.

Marina Abramović: performance, film, VR
27 November 19:15
A lecture by University of Amsterdam art historian Marga van Mechelen on the body and personae in Marina Abramović’s performances. In her latest VR artwork Rising currently showing at Eye she is an avatar. Some of Abramović’s films will be screened during the lecture, including Communist Body/Fascist Body.

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