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Eye strives for film experiences that reach beyond screens. Perfomances and conversations are essential elements of film. Eye’s end of Summer will focus on such experiences. We welcome several artists in the museum to reveal parts of their magic. Among others are the director Alex van Warmerdam and VR artist Laurie Anderson. Come and see!

An evening with Alex van Warmerdam
29 August 19:30
Because he distrusts art critiques, director Alex van Warmerdam prefers to speak about his work himself. Film journalist Gawie Keyser, known from De Groene Amsterdammer, will facilitate his speaking during a live interview. Van Warmerdam also explains why the psycho horror Under the Skin by Jonathan Glazer has been one of his inspirations.
Please note that the speaking language of this evening will be Dutch.

Malherbe sings Van Warmerdam & Van Warmerdam
2 September 16:00
A special on the occasion of the exhibition L’histoire kaputt, marking the synergy between songs and film music and the collaboration between Vincent and Alex Van Warmerdam. Prior to the screening of De Noorderlingen (The Northerners) an ad hoc ensemble formed around actress Annet Malherbe will perform a set of 45 minutes under the title ‘Malherbe sings Van Warmerdam and Van Warmerdam’.

Xtended: Chalkroom
30 August t/m 3 September
Chalkroom is a virtual reality work by Laurie Anderson and Hsin-Chien Huang in which the reader flies through an enormous structure made of words, drawings and stories on chalkboard walls. Once you enter, you are free to roam and fly. Words sail through the air. They fall into dust. They form and reform. Chalkroom is winner of the Best VR Experience at the Venice Film Festival.

Film: Home of the Brave by Laurie Anderson
1 & 4 September
A compelling concert recording of Laurie Anderson’s Mister Heartbreak tour of 1985, with a guest appearance by cult poet William S. Burroughs. Screened with Anderson’s VR installation Chalkroom. Laurie Anderson will give a talk at Eye on 7 September.

Film: Heart of a Dog
30 August & 6 September
Heart of a Dog is Laurie Anderson’s account of the death of her terrier Lolabelle and the impact it had on her. The result is a lucid analysis of love and longing and the art of storytelling, dedicated to Lou Reed, Anderson’s deceased husband. Screened in relation to Anderson’s VR Chalkroom.

Artist Talk Laurie Anderson
7 September 20:00
Laurie Anderson will give a talk about her work and work process which will centre on how language and stories have affected what she has done in various fields in the visual arts.

Opening Tentoonstelling Ryoji Ikeda
14 September 20:30
In the autumn of 2018, Ryoji Ikeda, key figure in electronic music and visual artist, will curate a spectacular exhibition especially for Eye. He fills Eye’s exhibition space with overwhelming audiovisual works of art, based on elementary phenomena such as silence, space, time and the (in)finite. His works often depicts the invisible structures and data that govern our lives. In his mind-expanding work he uses both images from a microscope and a telescope, from pixels to the universe: the small and great are united.

Maya Fridman vs Films by Paolo Gioli
25 September 19:30
He deconstructs technology and the language of cinema, she is acclaimed for her emotional performance of works by classical and modern composers. Master cellist Maya Fridman performs live to four experimental films by the Italian artist Paolo Gioli. With an introduction by Eye on Art programmer Anna Abrahams.

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