Programma EYE on art juni bekend

Lees hieronder wat EYE on art in juni te bieden heeft:

The month of June explores the perception of reality in different times and different settings.
At the heart of Alex van Warmerdam’s work – the Dutch filmmaker who created Eye’s new exhibition L’histoire kaputt – is the investigation of truthfulness in absurd fiction. Transnatural explores how technology creates new, ‘natural’ realities. Thereby, Eye looks back on times when film was not yet implemented into real life. Our stand at The Parade festival explores the earliest days of cinema and at the beginning of June, an entire evening is dedicated to the 70s, when film came to be an artistic practice.

Bas Jan Ader, Ger van Elk, Ulay/Abramovic. Film as visual medium in the early 70s
5 June 19:15
Central to this evening is a generous amount of short films by Dutch artists who are investigating the medium film for the first time. Works that will be shown are created by, among others, Ger van Elk, Jan Dibbets and Bas Jan Ader, as well as Jan van Munster, Mari Boeyen, Peter Struycken and Hans de Vries. Introduced by freelance curator and art historian Nathalie Zonnenberg, whose specialization lies in the conceptual tendencies of the 60s and 70s.
Please note that the spoken language of this event will be Dutch.

Eye on Art X Robotanica
12 June 19:15
Transnatural presents an evening dedicated to nature and robotics. We explore the rise of a natural reality driven by technology on the basis of short films, interviews, performances and project demonstrations. A preview of The Man Machine programme offered by Eye from 18 October to 13 November.

The Writers Special | Alex van Warmerdam
19 June 19:15
How to handle the work of an artist who does not want to be categorized? On the occasion of L’Histoire kaputt, Van Warmerdam’s solo-exhibition, writers and poets have a close look at the diverse oeuvre of the film and theater maker, writer and visual artist.
With talks by Maria Barnas and Dirk van Weelden.
Please note that the spoken language of this evening will be Dutch.

Open: Exhibition Alex van Warmerdam | L’histoire kaputt
From 10 June
Alex van Warmerdam is a filmmaker, artist, designer, theatre director, actor and writer. He agreed to make a series of new works especially for EYE. Among these new artworks are a life-size show box, a missing girl, a book that turns its own pages, ‘creatures of the forest’ on a constantly changing canvas and a very peculiar aquarium.

Theater festival The Parade | Cinéma Magique
From 29 June
This Summer, Eye Filmmuseum returns to the place where film history found its origin. Cinéma Magique – a stand at the Dutch theater festival the Parade with projections on eight large screens – is an ode to the early years of cinema, when fair operators nomadized their picture house. Around 1910, the moving image was already a surprisingly diverse and colourful miracle. Visitors were able to marvel travel movies and exotic phantom rides, as wel as scientific documentations, sports reports and circus drama. The hand coloured, fairylike tales of film pioneer Georges Méliès and the animation movies by Émile Cohl ensured enchantment and amazement for all.
Please note that the spoken language of this event will be Dutch.

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