Eye on Art programma april bekend

This month’s agenda includes a special programme in which the political engaged work of Chinese director Wang Bing is analyzed by former China correspondent Bettine Vriesekoop.
Moreover, EYE welcomes a relatively new visual medium in the museum landscape – virtual reality. We start the series Xtended on Saturday 31 March with the VR-experience inspired by Paul Auster’s novel City of Glass. Buy your tickets in time

Paul Auster: Words, Films and VR + Blue in the Face
3 April 19:15
A talk by Jason Wood about Paul Auster as an author, filmmaker and scriptwriter for theatre and Virtual Reality. Followed by Blue in the Face. An evening to accompany My Name is Peter Stillman, the VR adaptation of Auster’s The New York Trilogy, which is also running in EYE from March 31 until April 10.

Wang Bing – China up Close
10 April 19:15
Wang Bing is the winner of the 2017 EYE Art & Film Prize. Based on fragments from Wang Bing’s impressive oeuvre, former China correspondent Bettine Vriesekoop talks about the China portrayed by Wang. IFFR film programmer Gerwin Tamsma, who introduced Wang in the Netherlands, speaks about Wang’s approach as a filmmaker.

Metahaven – Possessed
24 April 19:15
This rich essay film is looking for new ways to be close in the age of social media. Our lives are geared to the gaze of others and we have become used to being seen. But the party’s over for many young people, according to Possessed.
Introduced by the artists. More information will follow soon.

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