EYE on Art programma december bekend

Lees hieronder wat EYE on Art in december te bieden heeft!

In this month’s programme we start off with ten classic titles by the Finnish director Aki Kaurismäki, EXPRMNTL – 50 Years: a film compilation about a mythical spot, the opening of the new major exhibition Jesper Just and last but not least, a talk with the Danish artist himself.

The Essential Aki Kaurismäki
6 – 23 December 
EYE screens more than ten classic titles by Aki Kaurismäki, the chronicler of Finnish melancholy with an absurdist twist. The majority of the films featured in the programme are from EYE’s own collection and will be screened on 35mm.

EXPRMNTL – 50 Years
12 December 19.15 
It was a mythical spot: from 1949 an abandoned casino in the cosmopolitan Belgian resort Knokke was the venue for five editions of ‘EXPRMNTL’, the film festival that hosted the cream of the avant-garde. Director Brecht Debackere will also be here to introduce his fascinating documentary on the legendary festival. Several short films included in the original 1967 programme will also be screened tonight.

EXPOSED x Jesper Just
16 December 20.30 
On this evening EXPOSED will take you into the alienating world of the Danish artist in which themes, such as gender, desire, relations and identity, are central. EXPOSED expands your gaze and brings you into contact with your own discomfort. Get out of your comfort zone and let the abnormal become normal.

Jesper Just – Artist Talk
19 December 19.15 
EYE Director of Exhibitions Jaap Guldemond interviews Just on the subject of his oeuvre, whose stylized visual language often references Hollywood cinema. A conversation about longing, relationships and identity.

Bron: EYE
Beeld: Just this Nameless Spectacle, 2011 Jesper Just