Winnaars KLIK Amsterdam Animation Festival

Afgelopen week vond het KLIK Amsterdam Animation Festival plaats. Het festival beloonde de beste werken met een Frankie.

Who will go for the gold? This year, we got 1.975 entries representing 80 countries, from Iceland to India, but only a chosen few convinced our three independent juries of (inter)national experts and became KLIK champions of 2017.

The winner can expect everlasting glory and (minor) riches to invest in future films. During our Awards Night on Saturday 21 October 2017, champions took home their very own coveted Frankie – a sculpture of our awards mascot and a symbol of ultimate animation achievement.

KLIK has awards in the following categories:

KLIK Award for:

Best Animated Short
Best Animated Student Short, powered by Cartoon Network
Best Commissioned Animation
Best Animated Music Video, powered by Xite
Best Animated Virtual Reality
Best Animation for Art Lovers
Best Animated Documentary
Best Funny & Trippy Toons
Best Political Animated Short
Best Animated Short from an Emerging Animation Nation

And the:

KLIK Amsterdam Audience Award
Young Amsterdam Audience Award
Award for Best Voices in a Commissioned Animation, powered by
KLIK NL Awards for three out of the following categories: Craftsmanship, Bravery, Good Looks, Ingenuity, Emotional Impact, Massive Laughs.

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