Deadline inzenden documentaires IDFA 2017 nadert

Lees hieronder de oproep van IDFA voor het insturen van je documentaire:

The deadline for entry is almost here! Filmmakers be aware: there’s only one week left to enter your film for IDFA 2017, including the festival’s new media program IDFA DocLab. The final deadline for entry is August 1; we’d love to receive your creative documentary!

Once again more than 250 documentaries will be selected, running the gamut from international audience favorites to artistic experiments at the fringes of the genre. But IDFA also showcases interactive documentaries and other non-fiction forms of digital storytelling, games, apps, installations and media art.

How to submit
To submit your film, please complete the entry form in MyIDFA. Please see our Entry Regulations for our submission guidelines and other rules and regulations, and refer to our FAQ if you have any questions.

Other deadlines
August 15: IDFA Forum entry
September 4: DocLab Academy entry
September 15: Docs for Sale entry
September 15: IDFAcademy entry
October 1: IBF Europe Distribution
October 10: Accreditation

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