Lighting masterclass op het AV Festival 2017

Jonathan Harrison D.o.P. komt dit jaar op beide dagen van het AV Festival een Lighting Masterclass geven.

Lees hieronder meer over de masterclass:

Jonathan Harrison D.o.P. – Lighting Masterclass – 23 & 24 Mei 2017
LED’s – “Painting with Clean Light”

Come and learn the skills that seem not be taught at film schools and see how to seriously improve your image quality.
This masterclass is an insite into the art and skill of lighting and the complicated components of creating a powerful and engaging image with the latest and greatest LED light sources. It is also a look at how LED light sources can seriously affect your image and what makes a good clean LED light source for image capture in a colour critical environment.
A Must See Event!
Sponsered by: Bbp Light Amsterdam – Dedo Weigert Film GmbH – Kino Flo Lighting Systems

Het festival vindt plaats op 23 en 24 mei in de Kromhouthal, Amsterdam.
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Bron: AV Festival voor Film & Broadcast