Programma Shortcutz Amsterdam maart 2016

Shortcutz Amsterdam is terug, lees hieronder het Engelse programma van maart 2016.

March @ Shortcutz Amsterdam
Every Tuesday | de Kring | 20:00 | Suggested donation €2

Some unexpected setbacks forced us to delay this kickstart but we are ready and we miss you!
This season we will start in a totally different way and will dedicate this 1st month of programme of special guests to (some) of the BRIGHTEST DUTCH FILM TALENT UNDER 30’. We are pretty sure you want to meet them all, since our selection includes:

MARCH 8 . SIGRID TEN NAPEL, nominated twice for a Golden Calf (aka the Dutch Oscars), firstly for her leading role in ‘Zomer’ and last year for her supporting role in Sam de Jong’s ‘Prins’. Sigrid is also known for her role in the hit series ‘Penoza’. Sigrid will bring us (straight from the editing-room) some clips of Pieter Kuijpers’ (Van God Los) upcoming movie ‘Riphagen’ where Sigrid stars.

MARCH 15 . NINA GANTZ, who just won a BAFTA, a Sundance award and a BIFA with her graduation movie ‘Edmond’. Nina will show us her short films: Edmond and Zaliger.

MARCH 22 . MEA DOLS DE JONG, considered by Variety magazine one of the Top 10 European Filmmakers to Watch. Mea will show us her multi-award winning short documentary ‘If mama ain’t happy, nobody’s happy, considered one of the top 20 films of IDFA 2014.

MARCH 29 . MEES PEIJNENBURG, nominated twice for a Crystal Bear at Berlinale for his short films: ‘A Hole in My Heart’ and ‘Even Cowboys Get To Cry’ and winner of golden calf (aka the Dutch Oscar) last year with his tv movie: Geen Koningen in ons Bloed. Mees will show us ‘A Hole in My Heart’, Dutch live-action short film entry to the Oscars last year.

Shortcutz Amsterdam is also proud to announce that legendary actor RUTGER HAUER (Blade Runner, Batman Begins) and Kubrick and Spielberg’s executive producer JAN HARLAN (Full Metal Jacket, The Shinning) joined our already fab  SHORTCUTZ AMSTERDAM JURY TEAM  composed of: actor TYGO GERNANDT; director ROEL REINÉ; actress ARIANE SCHLUTER; director EDDY TERSTALL; producer JEROEN KOOLBERGEN, producer JAN DOENSE aka Mr. Horror, actor VINCENT VAN OMMEN, documentary producer HARMEN JALVINGH, Nederlands Film Festival programmer CLAIRE VAN DAAL, EYE senior programmer and head of acquisitions RENÉ WOLF, and street-artist LASER 3.14.

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