NBF-leden met korting naar Cinekid Professionals Conference op 21 oktober

Op woensdag 21 oktober 2015 vindt de Professionals Conference van Cinekid plaats in het Westergas Theater in Amsterdam van 09:30  tot 18:00 uur.

NBF-leden kunnen met korting (€75 in plaats van €125) naar deze conferentie. Leden ontvangen een speciale link in hun inbox waarmee ze kaarten met korting kunnen aanschaffen.

Iedereen is van harte welkom op deze conferentie, zie hieronder de Engelse tekst met inhoudelijke informatie.

Conference Topics & Timetable

Hier vind je de programmakrant voor professionals.

Leading conference researchers, innovative A/V companies and emerging players within the children’s media industry provide us with insights and practical tools to adapt to the changing industry during this full day conference.

More than 20 speakers on relevant topics around this year’s theme: The Future is Now!
Opening talk by Gary Pope, founder of Kids Industries, on the modern-day child
Specialists of YouTube, including Managing Director Europe of Maker Studios Robbie Douek
Talks and discussion on everything you need to know about Virtual Reality – including a VR experience!
A panel of highly acclaimed experts from leading industry players such as LEGO’s Future Lab, Disney, Nickelodeon and CBeebies discussing the do’s and don’ts of storytelling across platforms
Thinking about gender and presenting strategies to engage modern girls
and many more international speakers and inspiring topics!
Including tour and drinks at the Cinekid MediaLab after the conference

The children’s media industry is changing rapidly. We can’t predict the future, but we can analyse and act on all developments, and take a critical look at current trends. And most importantly we can get to know the audience – media savvy children that always seem to be one step ahead.

Children are completely immersed in media. As we’ve seen over the past decade future trends become the new reality within a very short period of time. How to remain relevant, and how to prepare for change within finance, content and execution, is much debated. The speed at which children’s media consumption patterns are changing, and how the latest technological developments unfold on all levels, makes this a highly urgent and important topic for examination and debate during the Cinekid for Professionals Conference.

However, we also want to offer a sober assessment of all the latest developments in the field. Is VR going to be the basis of the new popular gaming console – or indeed of our future cinematic experience? Popular platforms such as YouTube and Netflix are constantly evolving, but which way are they heading? Is traditional linear TV really dying? What must national broadcasters do to remain relevant in the face of new and emerging global trends? What are the innovations that will impact current and future audiovisual works and how can we successfully embrace these?

Providing tools for the future now!
Professionals who don’t keep up with today’s developments, such as contemporary transmedia practices, will be lost in the face of tomorrow’s new developments. To strengthen the audiovisual industry it is essential therefore that we continually share knowledge and keep our sector professionals well informed and updated, and to encourage open-minded and realistic awareness of possibilities and demands. The latest developments require acute adjustments to the traditional methods of production and distribution on a creative, financial and executive level.
The Professionals Conference will provide the ammunition to help professionals within the children’s media industry remain robust, well-informed and competitive.

Moderator: Warren Buckleitner

Bron: Cinekid