Call for Entry: IDFA 2015

IDFA roept documentairemakers op om hun film in te sturen voor het programma van IDFA 2015.

Film entry for IDFA 2015 is now open!

Thanks to filmmakers, producers and other film professionals IDFA had a very successful festival in 2014. But we’re not looking back, as we are already preparing for another great festival in 2015, to be held November 18-29. Therefore it is with great pleasure that we now open Film Entry for IDFA 2015!

Once again more than 250 documentaries will be selected, running the gamut from international audience favorites to artistic experiments at the fringes of the genre. But IDFA also showcases interactive documentaries and other non-fiction forms of digital storytelling, games, apps, installations and media art.

We would like to welcome you to submit your films or interactive documentaries and other non-fiction forms of digital storytelling for IDFA 2015. The first deadline is May 1. This deadline is for all films completed between August 1, 2014 and April 1, 2015. The second and final deadline is August 1, for all films finished after April 1, 2015. However, it is important to enter your documentary at the earliest possible moment! IDFA must receive an online screener, a completed IDFA entry form and payment of the €40 entry fee (excl. VAT).

To submit your film, please complete the IDFA Online Entry Form 2015 in MyIDFA. Please see Entry Regulations 2015 for our submission guidelines and other rules and regulations, and refer to the FAQ if you have any questions.