Masterclass Live Cinema Remix op 22 mei in EYE

Op 22 mei vindt de Masterclass Live Cinema Remix plaats in EYE, waarvoor leden van harte worden uitgenodigd. Lees hieronder de uitnodiging. Er zijn 25 gratis plaatsen, dus wie het eerst komt, die het eerst maalt.

Masterclass Live Cinema Remix

In connection with the Dutch premiere of €urovisions on 20 May, the artists behind the performance are giving a Live Cinema and Remix Culture masterclass. It’s an exciting opportunity to meet the artists, talk to them about their creative process and see hands-on demonstrations.

Four artists from the international artists’ collective European Souvenirs – Farah Rahman (The Netherlands), Karol Rakowski (Poland), Noriko Okaku (UK/Japan) and Malaventura (Spain) –collaborated with the famous Light Surgeons to investigate and remix media, film and audio archives into a new live cinematic experience that can be best described as an “expanded documentary”.

€urovisions is a spectacle in which the audience is confronted with the portrayal of migrants in the mainstream media. The artists bring live music while remixing footage from different archives, such as the Eye film archive. Who are those people who – often under life threatening circumstances – leave their homes to pursue a European dream?

“It isn’t cinema, a concert or a live broadcast,” says Spanish online newspaper El Diario, which reviewed the sold-out performance in Seville last month.

It would be great if you could highlight this masterclass to students or people interested in remix culture and technique, Live Cinema performance, expanded documentary and ‘audiovisual culture’? They will learn more about the creative and collaborative process when the four artists from different backgrounds and countries come together to research and use existing audiovisual archives to produce live cinema.

There are only 25 free places available to attend the European Souvenirs artists’ masterclass on 22 May. Please register your interest by sending an email with the title masterclass to this address:

Remix and Live Cinema
Demonstration and Q&A
Thursday 22 May 17.30 – 19.00
EYE Amsterdam
(25 places)

Additionally the Dutch premiere of €urovisions, will take place in the Eye Film Institute in Amsterdam on 20 May at 19:45, with a book presentation of Remixing Europe – Migrants, Media, Representation and Imagery at 19:15: you can attend for free if you are coming to the masterclass. If you would like to attend the performance then email: