Cinekid for Professionals 2013

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Cinekid Conference: Live Action: where is the action?

Woensdag 23 oktober 10:00 – 18:00
MediaLab borrel: 18:00 – 20:00

A mind-blowing journey of the latest developments within the live action spectrum of children’s media and beyond. Foremost the question will be: where is the action? What are the ingredients for a successful remake of a children’s film or TV-series? How do you produce cross-media when it comes to live action? Première showcases and never-before screened images are discussed. What do children consider the best live action programmes or films and what are the do’s and don’ts in live action film and series scenario’s, all brought to you by award-winning and internationally acclaimed professionals. And of course last, but not least: what are the ingredients for a monster format hit? All this and much more…in only 1 day!

Afterwards there will be drinks in the highly acclaimed MediaLab. This is your chance to discover the child in you as you roam around the curated 1200m2 digital playground. With a drink in your hand you can enjoy more than 40 installations, games and apps!

Speakers & topics:

Know Your Remake Business
The recent international boost of remakes of successful children films. Producer Silje Hopland Eik (Cinenord) will talk about and show clips from their brand new film KICK IT!, a remake from the award-winning Dutch film COOL KIDS DON’T CRY. Producer Ruud van der Heyde (Bos Bros) will show never-before seen material from KANKERLIJERS, an adaptation of the Spanish film PLANTA 4A, which has also been remade in Switzerland. Questions as: To what extend were the scripts adapted to cultural differences? What were the business agreements and conditions? Why did the producers choose to adapt these stories? will be answered.

Get Inspired!
Founder & CEO of Power to the Pixel, Liz Rosenthal is an early advocate and pioneer of cross-media, digital distribution and filmmaking. Power to the Pixel (PttP) is an organisation that supports the film and media industries in their transition to a digital age. The company also runs the Pixel Lab, the leading European project-focused business course for developing cross-media properties. Liz Rosenthal will take you on a trip around the world with some extremely interesting and innovative showcases of cross-media projects based on live action.

Meet the Commissioners
Commissioners of great new series and formats of the leading networks in Europe will portray their vision on the future of live action on their networks. Channels presenting are CBBC (Helen Bullough, UK) KiKa (Stefan Pfäffle, Germany), Zapp (Suzanne Kunzeler, the Netherlands) and YLE (Elise Tynkkynen, Finland).

Drama Interaction
IJsfontein is a specialist in interactive communication and media productions. Years of experience with children and youngsters have led to a lot of knowledge of and insight into the possibilities of interactive storytelling for children. Strategist Evert Hoogendoorn will present a showcase of interactive storytelling projects, including CAN YOU FIX IT. An interactive storytelling production that helps teenagers explore their sexual boundaries.

Kids & Docs
Producer and director Annie Gibbs (WHAT MAKES ME HAPPY), and the founders of the Kids & Docs workshop will share their insights on the power and purity of children in (international) youth documentaries.

Success Stories Shared
Multiple award-winning scriptwriters Tamara Bos (WINKY’S HORSE, CLASS DISMISSED, FIDGETY BRAM), and Mieke de Jong (EEP!, TONY 10, WINTER IN WARTIME ) reveal the secrets of their success of some of the most prolific live action films of the past decade. Both scriptwriters hold a tremendous passion for live action children’s films. Their films have travelled to numerous territories and received an endless list of international awards, amongst which the Prix Jeunesse and the Cinekid Audience Award and were shortlisted for the Academy Awards.

Kids Point of View
PH.D., Head of the International Centre for Youth and Educational Television (IZI) and the Bayerische Rundfunk Munich and of the Prix Jeunesse Foundation Maya Götz will give a presentation on ‘A good live action programme from the child’s perspective.’ She has published several books as well as more than 200 articles in the field of children, young people and television.

Meet the Funding Institutes
Leading funding institutes will display how their funding structure towards children’s live action films or series is modelled. Funding institutes presenting are Förderverien Duetscher Kinderfilm e.V. (Margret Albers, Germany), Netherlands Film Fund (Monique Ruinen, The Netherlands) and Swedish Film Institute (Linus Torell, Sweden).

Masterclass: Stop-Motion Animation

Multi-talented Norwegian stop-motion animator Jens Gulliksen known for box office hits such as FANTASTIC MR. FOX, CORPSE BRIDE and FRANKENWEENIE will inform the audience about the route he took from Norway to Hollywood and then back again, in order to create his latest work, the ‘remake’ of the most legendary Norwegian stop motion film, SOLAN AND LUDVIG. Paul Mathot, Creative Director at the animation studio Pedri was responsible for the puppet animation design and will share his insights on the subject. During the masterclass images from the new SOLAN AND LUDVIG film will be screened for the first time ever! The film will officially be released November 8 in Norway.
Moderated by Peter Schavemaker, European correspondent of Animation Magazine. Organised in partnership with Animation Magazine.

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