Lancering Shortcutz Amsterdam

Tijdens de NBF netwerkborrel afgelopen maandag kondigden de initiatiefnemers van Shortcutz een Amsterdamse editie aan. Shortcutz is een internationale korte film beweging en biedt in een wekelijks event in CANVAS een podium aan nieuwe korte films.

Engelse aankondiging

We are releasing Shortcutz Amsterdam on the 9th of January. The Shortcutz is an international short movies movement and a non-profit foundation.

This is a project that started in Lisbon in 2010 and after two years and half, it’s already in London, Berlin, Madrid, Barcelona, Faro, Oporto, Dublin and now Amsterdam and in the future New York and Rio de Janeiro.

Shortcutz Amsterdam will be a weekly event that showcases new Dutch short films by amateurs and professionals alike. As the world’s only year-round event of this kind, it enables close interaction between the audience and the filmmakers.

“Shortcutz provides a revolutionary way to experience new short films. It is more than a short films festival; it is a showcase for new and existing talent that supports production and discussion between professionals, students, amateurs and anyone passionate about film.”, Rui de Brito – Executive and Creative Director of the Shortcutz Network.

Every venue will have 3 short films but only 2 are competing for the short film of the month. The other one will be a “guess” short film.

The jury will be composed by relevant people from all kind of areas related with culture and movies.

The venue it’s free of entrance and there’s no submissions fee.

What we want it’s to give spotlight to dutch’s movie professionals and to promote their works in the Netherlands and across the Shortcutz network.

The venue will be host at Canvas op 7e (Wibautstraat 150), every Wednesdays from 20h to 22h.

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