Directors Lab 2011

Meer informatie over Directors Lab:

‘The Directors Lab is a mega-lab process allowing directors to profoundly explore a screenplay they are preparing to direct, while simultaneously developing voice and a personal engagement with the essential work of putting breath and blood in the characters and story which lies within the script pages. Directors experiment with style and approach, investigate their personal visual voice or signature, explore through shooting workshops their collaborative work processes with actors and key creative partners and international advisors such as Gyula Gazdag (Sundance/UCLA), Judith Weston (LA), Molly Stensgaard (editor Lars von Trier/Denmark) and Arne Bro (Denmark).’

Please be aware that there’s only space for 10 directors, due to the intensity and personal approach of the programme, so the competition will be intense.

If you would like to have more information, contact Binger’s Head of Talent Daan Gielis at +31 20 5309630 or or check our website for the application form:

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