IDFA FORUM: Idfa deadlines op een rij…

Submit with MyIDFA
In order to submit a project or a film, you first have to create a MyIDFA account or use your MyIDFA account from previous years. This will allow you to submit films and projects to the FORUM and Docs for Sale markets. You can register for MyIDFA on our website.

Industry deadlines and regulations

The FORUM for International Co-financing of Documentaries 2008
(24 – 26 November)
Deadline for entry: 1 September
Regulations and entry form for the various categories are now available

Docs for Sale 2008 and Docs for Sale Online
Deadline for entry: 1 October
Regulations and entry form are now available

Deadline for accreditation: 10 October
Regulations and accreditation form are now available

Jan Vrijman Fund
Deadline for entry: 1 February 2009